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Every growing business has stories they want to tell and things they want people to see. You might have a service or product that you think will change the world. Or maybe you just think it will go down a treat – once people know it exists.

There’s your first challenge. How do you reach the eyes and ears of thousands – perhaps millions – of potential customers?

The answer to that is something we at Pufferfish PR have been working hard to pinpoint over the past 20 years. And we think we’re pretty close. Things change of course – who knew about social media two decades ago? We’re always on the scrounge for exciting new ways to communicate because that’s what we love doing.

We listen to clients when they tell us their stories and then we turn them into news that will interest all forms of the media – from newspapers, magazines, television and radio to social and online titles. We find ways to demand attention from even the most stubborn of audiences.

Come and talk to us about how we can tell the world your news.

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